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Supercharge The Sanctuary 2021

We need your help!

We’re running a GoFundMe campaign for our ambitious and exciting development of The Sanctuary, our City Centre premises.

We want people seeking sanctuary to return to this space after the pandemic and find that it is more beautiful and more impactful than before.  We want them to enter the space and feel immediately safe, welcomed and listened to. 

The Plan 

We have worked with a fantastic group of designers using input from over 150 people seeking sanctuary and completely redesigned the ground floor of the space to be:  

– More welcoming and safe for those seeking sanctuary  

– More useful for all of the groups who use the centre  

– More beautiful, becoming a beacon of hope in difficult times 

– More tailored to the requirements of people seeking sanctuary and those working in solidarity with them  

What we need 

The total cost of the work will be £16000.   

We have been lucky enough to find funding £10000 from the Brelms Trust and the AB Charitable Trust to get started but to complete the work we need your help.  

City of Sanctuary Sheffield need to raise an additional £6000 to carry out the development work required in The Sanctuary to make this a reality. 

What we’re offering donors 

Any donation – You’ll have our undying love and admiration and get that warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you’ve contributed to something meaningful.

£50 – A limited-edition print of your choice designed by Foodhall founder, Louis Pohl

£200 – Can’t choose between the prints. Donate £200 or over and you get all five of them 🙂

Prints Available

If you give more than £50 please contact us at [email protected] to let us know which print you would like and where you would like it sent.  We’ll then send out to you once the crowdfunding is complete.

Design process

We have taken input from over 150 people seeking sanctuary across a number of forums.  These were collated into user stories and formed the basis of the redesign process:



The design has been put together to balance the many requirements on the space in the most impactful way possible.  Each area of the ground floor has been carefully designed, guided by input from people seeking sanctuary



If you would like to donate to this project please have a look at our GoFundMe page

If you would like to make a regular donation to City of Sanctuary Sheffield to support our ongoing work please do so here