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We very much welcome enquiries from students.  We are keen to contribute to the learning that might enable you to become part of an informed culture of hospitality for asylum seekers and refugees.  Our staff time is limited so this sheet aims to support your learning.  If you’d like to then follow up in person – do follow the links provided. 


Information and queries 

To find out more about what we do: 


  • Follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) for stories and experiences and insights into the cultures and background of people seeking sanctuary 


For facts, figures and statistics:  


For services and resources to help people seeking Sanctuary in Sheffield:  


Support us 

If you’d like to support us:  



Placement guidelines: 

We welcome queries about placements from students in our local universities, who share the values of our organisation.   

 We ask you to commit to: 

  • A reasonable time commitment of (at least 1 day per week for 3 – 6 months) 
  • Attending induction training  
  • Regular and frequent supervision from your tutor or other member of the university staff, who can support you with your placement 
  • Following CoSS policies and procedures and the CoSS Code of Conduct 


If you are interested in a placement with CoSS, please contact Alexi Dimond on [email protected] 


Research project guidelines: 

We are occasionally able to support research projects, although our capacity to do so is limited. We will only consider collaboration with researchers who meet the following criteria: 

  • The research will add value and bring benefit for people with lived experience of seeking sanctuary 
  • It will be of good quality, necessary and ethical 
  • It will be practical and proportionate, in terms of the commitment expected of CoSS staff, volunteers and people seeking sanctuary 
  • The research questions and the project as a whole should be created and led by or, minimally, co-produced with people with lived experience of the asylum process and migration to the UK 
  • There should be proper funding for any participants, to cover their expenses and to pay for their time (when possible under asylum and immigration law), at a fair rate of pay. 


If you wish to discuss a research project with CoSS, please contact Tom Martin on [email protected]