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City of Sanctuary is a movement to build a culture of hospitality for asylum-seekers and refugees in Sheffield. We are working to make Sheffield a city that takes pride in the welcome it offers to people in need of safety, and that enables asylum-seekers and refugees to contribute fully to the life of our communities.

A City of Sanctuary will be one in which:


  • Asylum-seekers and refugees are fully included in the activities and membership of local community groups.
  • Host communities receive support to enable them to integrate asylum-seekers and refugees.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation services are available to communities experiencing tension over asylum-seekers and refugees.
  • The contribution of asylum-seekers and refugees to the city is fully recognised in local media and cultural events.
  • Asylum-seekers and refugees have a voice in the media and in local decision-making.
  • People in all communities feel safe from harassment, racism and persecution.


  • The physical and mental health needs of asylum-seekers and refugees are recognised and supported by health and other services.


  • All asylum-seekers and refugees have the opportunity to engage in constructive activity which is appropriate to their skills and experience, whether through volunteering or paid work (for those with work permission).

Access to Services

  • Asylum-seekers and refugees are enabled to access local services, including essential transport.
  • Asylum-seekers and refugees have access to adequate legal representation and advice services.


  • Asylum-seekers and refugees have access to free English language tuition.
  • Skills training and further educational opportunities are available to all.


  • The needs of asylum-seeker and refugee children are recognised and supported by schools, public services and local communities.

Housing & Destitution

  • Safe and healthy accommodation is available to all people who are in housing need.
  • Subsistence support is available from a variety of sources to anyone who is threatened with destitution.


  • Local organisations and communities support efforts to inform public debate and policy on asylum and immigration, in order to realise a fairer and more humane asylum system.