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We run a Multi-Agency Drop-In every Wednesday afternoon at Victoria Hall. Many of the partner organisations we work with like ASSIST, Citizens Advice, legal aid solicitors, MPs support workers, and Shelter were present at the Drop-In before the pandemic.

Currently only ASSIST and CoSS are attending the Drop-In, others are gradually returning.

Volunteers at the Multi-Agency Drop-In work under the direction of Anna Aitken, the Welcoming Spaces Manager. 

Multi-Agency Drop-In Roles

City of Sanctuary Sheffield (CoSSruns a weekly drop in for asylum seekers and refugees on Wednesday afternoons. The screening desk is the central point of contact. This is where people seeking sanctuary register for support. You will be part of a team helping to record details, identify needs and signpost to the appropriate support organisation.

As a Welcomer at the Wednesday afternoon drop in, you will greet asylum seekers, refugees and visitors when they arrive. You will chat with the new arrivals, find out if they have any particular needs and signpost them to available support and services. 

As a volunteer on the health and wellbeing desk you will address issues relating to health & wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees.

Work as part of the Drop-In volunteer team at the clothes bank, where people can come to access free clothes.  

Role descriptions

Drop-In Screening Desk Volunteer

Drop in – Welcomer

Drop in – Health and Wellbeing Desk 

Clothes Bank Volunteer