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Homeschool Support Project featured on ITV Calendar

During the lockdown, City of Sanctuary Sheffield has been supporting families seeking sanctuary by providing laptops, data connections and IT support to school age children across the city, enabling them to continue their education while schools are shut.

Our Homeschool Support Project is working to tackle the educational inequalities faced by asylum seekers, many of whom find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide and unable to access crucial resources.

Funding through a crowdfunder, we have been able to deliver 80 laptops, which are supporting 192 children, as well as 240 months of data and hundreds of additional homeschool support materials.

This means that ALL asylum seeking families with school age children in Sheffield and Doncaster are being supported by the project.

This project was featured on ITV Calendar’s Lives in Lockdown, which can be viewed here.

Many thanks to everyone who has generously supported this work!