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Our Strategy

Our Vision

For Sheffield to be a place of safety and welcome for people seeking sanctuary.

Our Mission

To create safe, welcoming spaces for people seeking sanctuary.

Safe and welcoming spaces challenge the unjust constraints placed on people seeking sanctuary. We facilitate and encourage safe and welcoming spaces across the city. We do this by starting at The Sanctuary and the Drop In and expanding outwards.

To work in solidarity with people seeking sanctuary to promote their safety and wellbeing.

Safety and wellbeing are a right of everyone. We provide people seeking sanctuary with greater access to networks of support to exercise their agency and find safety. We do this through providing our own services and by facilitating the services of others.

To strengthen, develop and diversity the movement for the rights of people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield.

Amplifying the voices of people seeking sanctuary and developing strong working partnerships across the movement are vital to our success. We facilitate the development of the movement across the city and support people seeking sanctuary to have their voices heard. We are a trusted and skilled organisation in the city and use our position to defend the rights of people seeking sanctuary.

Our Goals

2023 – 2024

Goal 1 – Listening

Build in regular and thoughtful feedback to our key ‘services’ (SPRING, The Sanctuary, The Drop-In) to ensure the highest quality delivery done in solidarity with those seeking sanctuary. 

Goal 2 – Advocacy and System Change 

Identify and pursue key advocacy goals (inc lifting the ban and challenging housing standards) centering the voices of people with lived experience in the formation and pursuit of those goals. 

Goal 3 – Communications

Build our external communication so that it effectively supports our work and establish strategic relationships within the local media which will amplify our impact. 

Goal 4 – Partnerships

Cultivate effective relationships with existing and new partners, who are allies in our strategic mission, ranging from a local to a national scale. 

Goal 5 – Volunteering

Develop volunteer communication and increase volunteer training to help establish and strengthen existing and new teams that maintain/improve the representation of people with lived experience of seeking sanctuary.

Goal 6 – Staffing

Consolidate staffing in all areas of City of Sanctuary Sheffield so that, in working towards our vision, staffing levels reflect the work we have committed to, and staff are well equipped and well looked after as they do this work.

Goal 7 – Fundraising

Improve the individual donor journey, and secure sufficient statutory funding that supports City of Sanctuary Sheffieldโ€™s core functions; SPRING; and core partner organisations to further establish their work.

2022 – 2023

Goal 1

Effectively deliver frontline work and project work detailed in our 2021-23 strategy.

Goal 2

Ensure uptake of development and shadowing opportunities within City of Sanctuary Sheffield by at least 30% of volunteers seeking sanctuary.

Goal 3

Widen participation in all shared platforms across the city (Refugee and Migrant Forum; Service Providers Group; Asylum Journey; The Drop-In; The Sanctuary; SPRING; EbE Team), especially amongst People and communities of Colour.

Goal 4

Ensure good links with local and national campaigning groups and local institutions/decision-making bodies so that we can feed into campaign directions, encourage engagement and work towards system change. 

Goal 5

Ensure that all close partners can explain who we are and what we do in a way that resonates with people seeking sanctuary.

Goal 6

Secure one substantial, long term funder before the end of 2022 and increase regular individual giving by an additional 100%.

2021 – 2022

Goal 1

Ensure all members, partners, volunteer and staff describe The Sanctuary and the Drop-In as ‘safe’ and ‘welcoming’ and that they feel ‘listened to’ in these spaces.

Goal 2

Develop both an Expert by Experience panel that meets regularly (> every three months) and additional feedback opportunities that are regular (> every three months) and varied for others seeking sanctuary.

Goal 3

Establish in-depth development and shadowing opportunities within City of Sanctuary Sheffield for people seeking sanctuary.

Goal 4

Ensure that all staff, trustees and volunteers can explain who we are and what we do in a way that resonates with people seeking sanctuary.

Goal 5

Develop an effective donor journey for supporters and increase the level of regular individual giving by 100%.

Goal 6

Develop an anti-oppression action plan with clear goals and begin implementation.

Our Work

Volunteering and Staffing

Staff Wellbeing

These goals will only be reached with a staff team that is happy, inspired and have sensible working patterns. We are committed to building on the good work we have done in this area to achieve this.

Volunteer Impact

Volunteers are vital in us achieving our mission. We will continue to build on our excellent volunteering structures and ensure effective coordination, training and support is available for all involved.

Words We Use

People of Colour

The phrase ‘people of colour’ is a representation of groups of people who are not white or of European parentage.

People seeking sanctuary

This is our preferred term in most contexts for people going through the asylum system.

Experts by Experience

People with lived experience of going through the UK asylum system.