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Citywide Collaboration and Coordination

In a sentence โ€“ City of Sanctuary Sheffield aims to build strong working partnerships across the city, strengthening our collective ability to support people seeking sanctuary and bringing new organisations into the Movement.  

In-depth โ€“ City of Sanctuary Sheffield coordinate and facilitate two groups bringing together people working for the rights of those seeking sanctuary in Sheffield. 

The Refugee and Migrant Forum is an information-sharing space for over 300 individuals and organisations working in the movement for the rights of people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield. City of Sanctuary Sheffield invites contributions and shares weekly relevant sector updates with the group.  

The Service Providers Group brings together those delivering services for people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield. City of Sanctuary Sheffield facilitates a monthly meeting with the council and other service providers which aim to: 

  • keep everyone updated on each otherโ€™s work;   
  • keep all of us updated on what is going on in the asylum system locally, regionally, and nationally;   
  • Identify issues and advocate for improvements in service provision across the city; 
  • help us all respond quickly and collectively to crisis situations.  

City of Sanctuary Sheffield also collaborates across the city in many spaces to ensure that the voice of people seeking sanctuary is heard and their rights are upheld. 

Contact โ€“ Tom Martin, 07410977106, [email protected]