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Steel City Welcome – South Yorkshire’s first community resettlement group!

Steel City Welcome is South Yorkshire’s first community resettlement group.  Rosh, from the SCW team explains more…

‘Community resettlement is a Home Office scheme where a community of volunteers organise the resettlement of a family from a UN-administered camp to their new home. There have been hundreds of community resettlement projects, in villages and cities across the UK, and Steel City Welcome is looking forward to being part of the already excellent work done to support asylum seekers and refugees in the Sheffield.

We started in April 2020, and since then we have grown to a team of around 40 volunteers, had offers of accommodation for the family and raised the minimum £9000 needed to undertake the process. We will be overseeing all the relevant aspects of the resettlement process, from liaising with the schools the children will go to, formulating plans for English lessons and putting together a robust safeguarding policy. We hope to submit the first part of our application form to the Home Office before the beginning of the summer with the family hopefully arriving by the end of the summer.

How can you help? Volunteers can help out with the aspects I’ve already mentioned, as well other large and small tasks that we’ll need to complete – from helping prepare the house before the families arrival to assembling a team to be involved in day-to-day family support and meeting the family at the airport. If you would be interested in volunteering with us please email: [email protected]

We are also still fundraising, and any money donated will go directly towards supporting the family. You can donate below:

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to working with you to give a family making Sheffield their new home a proper Steel City Welcome!’