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The Sanctuary’s First Birthday

The Sanctuary celebrated its (belated) first birthday on Thursday 26th September in the most eclectic style. A crowd was there to hear speeches from many involved in the movement and to give an emotional farewell to Sarah after 10 years of herculean effort as coordinator of City of Sanctuary Sheffield. This was followed by food from Open Kitchen, a barnstorming performance by the One World Choir, and music and cake late on into the evening.

It was a celebration worthy of a community space that sees 50 to 70 individuals visit every day. A space where vital advice sessions are delivered by key partners, where community groups meet, where choirs rehearse and where tea, coffee, and access to computers is always available. A space that is regarded by its users as a safe haven amongst the maelstrom of everyday life.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has supported the Sanctuary over the last few years as it has gone from a dream to a reality. Events like this remind us all of the importance of the Sanctuary as a physical embodiment of the welcome we want to show to all of those seeking refuge in Sheffield. Long may it continue!