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The Sanctuary

In a sentence – A place of safety and welcome in the heart of the city

Address – The Sanctuary, 37-39 Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2PD

In-depth – The Sanctuary aims to rise above the unjust constraints placed on people seeking sanctuary by providing a beautifully designed space in the heart of the city that is safe, welcoming and supportive. Visitors to the Sanctuary are welcomed by our volunteers and offered a hot drink and a calm place to sit, where they can participate in conversation groups and other social activities and find out about more about activities and opportunities around the city. It is a place where people are welcomed and listened to, and a place where people can discover the best of Sheffield as a City of Sanctuary. 

Temporary Closure of The Sanctuary

We all work each day at The Sanctuary to build a space that is effective, resilient and beautiful; in short a model of the world we all want to see. This is a constantly moving project and in 2024 weโ€™re planning the next stage of the redevelopment of the space.

From July 2024 till early November 2024 The Sanctuary will be closed. This is due to the building work that is taking place on Chapel Walk, meaning we will be moving out of The Sanctuary and using it as an opportunity to undertake vital redevelopment work to make the space more effective, safe, welcoming and beautiful for all those who use it. You can read more about our building work plans here.

Activities that take place in The Sanctuary have either been moved to alternative locations across the city or will take a pause over the summer. People can continue to access the Multi-Agency Drop-In and SPRING support.

SAVTE: See the timetable below for their English groups at Utopia Theatre. The groups are running in July but all are off in August 2024. They will restart in Sept 2024 at Utopia Theatre.

Conversation Club (Wednesday English Class): Wednesdays, 1.30-2.30pm, Room 51, Victoria Hall

Chilypep Happy Group: The Snowdrop Project, 7 Castle Street, S3 8LT

Open Kitchen Social Club Tuesday Free Community meal: Tuesdays (from the 23rd of July) 12pm-2pm at The Quaker Meeting House, 10 St Jamesโ€™ St, S1 2EW

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions