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Take Action Against Homelessness: The Sheffield Project for Refugee INtegration and Growth

The Sheffield Project for Refugee INtegration and Growth (SPRING) is a collaboration of six organisations, including City of Sanctuary Sheffield, that is crucial in providing support to newly granted refugees in Sheffield. 

When people are granted their refugee status, a time which should be cause of great celebration, they are given just 28 days to make important arrangements. This includes opening a bank account, finding accommodation and applying for benefits or employment. SPRING supports and advocates for people during this insecure period. Once such urgent needs have been addressed, SPRING supports longer-term integration and empowerment through education, employment, mental health support and more. 

Newly granted refugees are given 28 days to find new accommodation, as they are evicted from their asylum accommodation. This is too short a time period and results in many people facing homelessness. 

SPRING works in partnership with a range of organisations to advocate for people and supports them to find the best available housing solution for them. In 2023-24 SPRING carried out over 500 housing and homelessness interventions. Referring people to housing providers, supporting those in crisis to access emergency and temporary accommodation, and negotiating with asylum accommodation providers to prevent unjust evictions. 

SPRING challenges systemic injustices and is building cross-city, creative, sustainable solutions that bring together a wide range of partners (including local and national government, people seeking sanctuary, third sector organisations and housing providers).  

Despite this work, as of writing, there are currently 60 people in Sheffield who have just received their refugee status and are now homeless.

Where: Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, Sheffield, S1 2EF 

When: Friday 17th May, 19:00-21:00  

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SPRING interventions improve our city for everyone. We urgently need creative and sustainable solutions to make sure everyone has safe, sustainable housing options.