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City of Sanctuary Sheffield is looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our Board of
Trustees. As a trustee, you will play a key role in guiding and supporting our organization as we work towards creating a city that is safe and welcoming for people seeking sanctuary.

Find out more about our current trustees.

1. Trustee

The role of trustees

  • Trustees ensure their charity has a clear strategy, and that its work and goals are in line with its vision.
  • A trustee’s role in a charity is to be the ‘guardians of purpose’, making sure that all decisions put the needs of the beneficiaries first.
  • They safeguard the charity’s assets – both physical assets, including property, and intangible ones, such as its reputation. They make sure these are used well and that the charity is run sustainably.
  • Trustees don’t usually do the day-to-day running of the charity. They delegate this to the staff, led by the Director. However, in smaller charities with few staff, trustees may take hands-on roles too.
  • Trustees are the employers: they appoint and line-manage the Director and, through him, the staff team. They are responsible for good employment practices in the charity.
  • Trustees play the role of a ‘critical friend’ to the organisation by giving support and by challenging when necessary – in a constructive and supportive way.

What we are looking for

Individuals are sought who have a strong commitment to City of Sanctuary Sheffield’s vision, mission, and values, and a desire to use your skills and experience to make a difference for others. We are looking for people willing to bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the role.

We value the perspective and leadership of people with experience of seeking sanctuary and of migration to the UK. Our aim is for 50% of our Trustees to be people of colour.

We are particularly looking for people with experience in the following:

  • Financial management, income generation and enterprise (please see the Treasurer trustee
    role below).
  • Human resources, organisational management and governance.

You do not need previous trustee experience; we can provide training as required.

What is the commitment?

  • Trustees are expected to attend monthly Board meetings, and also to join one of the 3 subcommittees (HR, finance and premises and communications) which meet every one or two months, or to work on a project with City of Sanctuary Sheffield.
  • City of Sanctuary Sheffield can appoint up to 15 trustees. The appointment runs for 3 years and may be extended.
  • Trustees are expected to commit to be active participants in meetings, including preparing for meetings by reading papers beforehand.
  • Trustees are expected to develop a good understanding of CoSS’s work overall e.g. by keeping up to date with the charity’s website, newsletter and social media posts, by visiting the Sanctuary for meals and social events.
  • Trustees are also expected to attend occasional training sessions and national or regional City of Sanctuary events.

Eligibility to be a trustee:

A trustee must be:

  • at least 16 (for a CIO)
  • properly appointed in accordance with your charity’s procedures
  • Not be a bankrupt, have an unspent conviction for certain offences, be on the sex offender’s register

Key duties and responsibilities

A trustee must:

  • Ensure your charity is carrying out its duties for the public benefit
  • Comply with your charity’s governing document and the law
  • Act in your best interests
  • Manage your charity’s resources responsibly
  • Act with reasonable care charity’s and skill
  • Ensure your charity is accountable

You can read more in The Essential Trustee (a guide from the Charity Commission).

Here is a video from REACH Volunteering about the role of the trustee: What do you enjoy about being a trustee?

How to apply

To express your interest in a trustee role please email our Chair of Trustees, Andrea Antoniou: [email protected].

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

2. Treasurer

The Role of the Treasurer

The treasurer helps trustees carry out their financial responsibilities by:

  • presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the
    charity’s financial position
  • advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities
  • liaising with professional advisors e.g. auditors
  • overseeing the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts. This involves:
    • taking lead responsibility for providing full financial information to the Accountant for examination
    • forwarding to the Accountant the Trustees’ Annual Report including organisational information from the Chair and Director
    • presenting draft Accounts to the Finance and Premises group
    • subsequently presenting the full Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts documents to the
      Board for early approval and submission to the Charity Commission (legally required by
      January, the tenth month of CoSS’s financial year).

How to apply

To express your interest in a trustee role please email our Chair of Trustees, Andrea Antoniou:
[email protected].

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.