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About Us

Our Vision

For Sheffield to be a place of safety and welcome for people seeking sanctuary.

Our Mission

To create safe, welcoming spaces for people seeking sanctuary.

Safe and welcoming spaces challenge the unjust constraints placed on people seeking sanctuary. We facilitate and encourage safe and welcoming spaces accross the city. We do this by starting at The Sanctuary and the Drop In and expanding outwards.

To work in solidarity with people seeking sanctuary to promote their safety and wellbeing.

Safety and wellbeing are a right of everyone. We provide people seeking sanctuary with greater access to networks of support to exercise their agency and find safety. We do this through providing our own services and by facilitating the services of others.

To strengthen, develop and diversity the movement for the rights of people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield.

Amplifying the voices of people seeking sanctuary and developing strong working partnerships across the movement are vital to our success. We facilitate the development of the movement across the city and support people seeking sanctuary to have their voices heard. We are a trusted and skilled organisation in the city and use our position to defend the rights of people seeking sanctuary.


Reaching these goals will help us deliver our current projects and gather feedback, ensuring we don’t replicate the oppression we are trying to challenge:

Permanent Projects

The Welcome Project